Game Concept Overview

Theme: Post-Apocalyptic, Natural Disaster

Realism: Fairly Realistic. Modern Tech is the tech of the past and while understood, extremely rare and far beyond the power of what can currently be recreated. Most tech on a very primitive level, but the world now has new creatures that are extremely deadly.

Major Changes to the World: Beyond geographical changes, ruined cities still sometimes stick through to the surface allow many places for players to explore. Perhaps methane and other chemicals are on the rise, making a world similar to the triassic period. Massive monsters and huge flora are common.

  • Did something come down with the asteroids to give a fantastical element to the world?
  • New metals, weird elements, etc
  • Perhaps alien bacteria and other things have taken root on the planet, how could that have affected areas of the planet nine thousand years later?

Civilization: Central City States created around the bunkers, however over the years cities have grown up away from the bunkers and have their own power structures and beliefs.

The Slumber: The nine thousand years of sleep are often called “The Slumber.” While most people survived this process unharmed, many times CASS had to compensate for mechanical failures or organic failures. In these situations, the computer attempted to modify the person within to be able to survive these new situations. Upon awakening these people found themselves drastically mutated and sometimes not quite mentally stable. Thankfully, the number of people whom this occurred to was extremely small.


  • A system that focuses on the building of modular weaponry.
  • A focus on the rebuilding of civilization and the rediscovery of our lost civilization.
  • Survival brings out the worst in people, corruption, betrayal, lust for power, greed, oppression and new religions arise out of the ruins.
  • Characters grow through skills bought with points, not levels (works well with stories given for completion of adventures and story arcs).
  • Will focus on an area of the world that contains two bunkers and several cities.

Game Concept Overview

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